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My Ethos

At Exed-ink, I believe in the importance of doing things the right way. My tattoo removal service in Nottingham gives you the option to remove tattoos quickly and efficiently.

As the owner of this private business, I believe in the power of progressive operations and the importance of doing things the right way. I’ll work with you to ensure that when you come to my Nottingham tattoo removal clinic, you’ll be more than satisfied with the outcome and ready to move on into the next chapter of your life as soon as possible - Gemma

A Qualified Healthcare Professional

I am a qualified healthcare professional, ready to remove your tattoos quickly, efficiently, but above all else, safely. I’ll talk you through all the potential risks of tattoo removal and how the process mitigates any downsides as much as I can.

I use the most modern technology provided by the British firm Allwhite Laser AW3, one of the leading laser manufacturers in the world with a trusted track record of providing the best results in the business. If you have any questions about my process or the technology I use, I am always more than happy to talk to you about your concerns.

After one treatment

After two treatments

My Home Clinic

I operate in a home clinic in Nottingham because I believe that comfort is key to my customers. My working environment is entirely sanitised to the industry standard but also not too cold or clinical to be off-putting, giving clients the best of both worlds.

My home-clinic approach to tattoo removal also allows me to keep overheads down, giving me more leeway to pass savings on to my clients to provide the best, most effective, and most affordable tattoo removal service in Nottingham.

Contact me today to book an appointment. I'm more than happy to talk to you about your concerns, your tattoo shape and position, and how our procedure works to give you complete peace of mind before you come to my clinic.

Call Gemma today on 07779 261485 for more information and to book an appointment.